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Lucid Protect

About Lucid Protect



Lucid Protect was developed specifically to assist organisations with the challenges presented by the ever evolving Information Technology (IT) landscape. 

Although the IT landscape is continually  evolving that in its self presents a constant, and that constant is change! You can be assured as soon as one new technology has it feet under the table of your organisation, the next new technology will be knocking at the door.


In order to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT systems and infrastructure it is necessary to be prepared for change and act on its arrival.


Lucid Protect has compiled a service offering and pricing structure  that supports and reinforces your organisation's   IT security, reliability, resilience and compliance,  while maintaining  both financial and operational agility to prepare for change and act on its arrival.


By identifying the common pain points and areas of concern in IT systems and infrastructure we have developed a service offering that is in part or whole universally required by organisations needing to augment their existing IT systems. Our services  currently comprises of system monitoring and maintenance, anti-virus, web protection, anti-spam, data compliance reporting and cloud backup. 

It is one thing having the "right tool for the job" but, historically the "right tool for the job" has often been accompanied by large capital expenditure and disruptive integrations of hardware and software. This can over-commit an organisation to a technology and, in turn, lead organisations  to being exposed to outdated, ineffective technologies.

Lucid Protect's services are provided as cloud based managed services, charged per device on a monthly basis, giving your organisation access to the technology it needs now with no capital expenditure or long term commitment. 


Now! All our services are easily deployed from our cloud-based Network Operations Centre to your organisation. We can have you up and running with one, a mix, or all of our services in time to meet your needs. 


Call us on 0499 380 238 or email


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