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Lucid Protect
What is Augmented IT?

Augmented IT


Flexible Augmented IT solutions for your organisation's existing IT systems and support staff

Flexible & Customised

Our solutions allow you to select and combine only the services that meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Agile IT Systems

To avoid untimely capital expenditure you can use our solutions to track the growth and requirements of your organisation on a month to month basis.

Rock Solid Protection

Reinforce your existing IT systems with system monitoring & maintenance, Anti-virus, Web Protection, Anti-spam, data compliance reporting and cloud backup.

Leverage Existing Assets

Maximise the effectiveness and reliability of existing assets while reducing the impact of system failures.

Why would your organisation need Augmented IT ?

Reactive or proactive nature?

Is your organisation more reactive than proactive when addressing IT issues?

Security fears?

Are vulnerable servers, laptops or PCs putting your organisation  at risk?

Increasing pressure?

Are increasing numbers of network devices requiring management and monitoring?

Struggling with scaling?

Is your organisation's growth demanding large financial investment and commitment to extra IT support staff?


Organisational expansion & contraction?

Do the IT requirements of your organisation fluctuate with short, mid and long term client contracts?


Lack of skill set?

Are there areas of expertise your team is not certified or trained to manage?

Scaling your organisation's IT systems and support staff to accommodate growth and increased dependency on mission-critical systems can often present financial and operational challenges. we have developed our Augmented Information Technology to help you address this..


Augmented Information Technology from Lucid Protect allows for the integration of scalable monitoring, backup, compliance and security systems into your organisation while avoiding large capital expenditure and commitment to increasing the number of technical support staff.

Lucid Protect can augment your existing IT infrastructure and systems with a bespoke offering of our enterprise grade services. Lucid Protect enables increased effectiveness, efficiency, security and compliance delivered by your organisation's existing IT systems or  IT department.

Organisations have a wide variety of IT requirements. We can customize a service solution that aligns with your organisation's objectives and fully integrates with your existing IT systems and staff. Work with us to build the right solution for your organisation!

"If it ain't broke........... Augment IT!"

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